The versatile air conditioning ceiling unit for commercial buildings and hotels.
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Key features

  • versatile, as can be installed within a suspended ceiling or under the ceiling
  • optimised design for dry or moist cooling
  • no need for inspection openings when installed within the suspended ceiling
  • outlet optimised to prevent draughts
  • optional primary connection for fresh air supply to the room
  • conforms to hygiene regulation VDI 6022
  • Received the Plus X Award in the categories of high quality, design and functionality:



  • energy-saving 0-100% adjustable EC fans
  • 2-pipe system for cooling and heating
  • no visible locks or hinges
  • all visible parts powder-coated; different colours on request

Areas of Application / Installation

  • installed in a suspended ceiling or below the unfinished ceiling in offices, commercial buildings and hotels
  • mounted on the wall (e.g. façade) or in the centre of the room
  • for new build or existing buildings

... also good to know

  • optional with flexible water connections
  • fitted with a KaControl
  • with optional dew point monitoring



Kampmann KaDeck with KaControl regulation are delivered ex-works fully wired and with all of their electrical components fitted. A high-performance microprocessor provides all of the requisite functions, thus every KaDeck has its own "intelligence" and can be operated in groups by means of Kampmann-t-Lan or CANbus networks.

KaControl KaDeck can be fitted with plug-in communications interfaces for single room control or for connection to higher-order management systems. Every basic unit therefore has the potential to be integrated into a technical building automation network.


  • Valve actuation for 2- and 4-pipe systems
  • 3-stage valve control with automatic function according to room temperature
  • Temperature recording via KaController
  • 24 V OPEN/CLOSE valve actuation
  • Condensation alarm evaluation
  • Changeover function in 2-pipe system (heating/cooling) via an external potential-free contact or a clip-on temperature sensor
  • Connection to open BMS systems by optional interface cards (BACnet, Modbus)

System set-up

Control zones with up to 6 KaDeck can be connected via a simple 2-wire bus connection to a KaController.

Control zones with up to 30 KaDeck can be connected via a CANbus connection to a KaController.

Technical details


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