Recirculating air fan convectors: heating, cooling and filtering for maximum comfort.
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Key features

  • Whisper-quiet operating sounds like no other unit on the market
  • EC technology of the future for long-term energy savings
  • GreenTech EC fans from the market leader ebm-papst: up to 70% higher energy savings. The direct current motor is operated at an optimum operating point in any speed thanks to the intelligent commutation unit.
  • EC fans of the Venkon EC make maximum use of energy supplied

    Venkon EC - Your Energy Saving Calculator
  • Ultra-versatile in terms of length and appearance
  • Hygiene conformity according to VDI 6022: first-rate filter classes, easy cleaning
  • Fully automated KaControl controller
  • Made in Germany quality


  • Recirculating air technology for heating, cooling and filtering available as a 2- or 4-pipe unit
  • Effective and extremely quiet fan for a rapid feel-good temperature
  • Manual or automatic controller


  • Hotels, offices and commercial buildings, showrooms and sales floors etc.
  • For new buildings and refurbishment projects
  • Buildings with an exacting requirement in terms of energy efficiency and noise levels
  • Seven sizes for all common building grid sizes
  • With ceiling casings, in suspended ceilings, along sill-lines or free-standing

... also good to know

Test report - Hygiene requirements of VDI regulation 6022

  • Available in all common RAL colours
  • Casing in a slim design thanks to recessed side components
  • Hotel ceiling encased model: position the air intake as required with air inlet grilles and Iden shadow gaps

Fit out your building with a complete Kampmann system! Do you still need chillers, trench heating and entrance matting etc. in addition to the Venkon?

Venkon Fan coil EC 3D


Kampmann Venkon with KaControl regulation are delivered ex-works fully wired and with all of their electrical components fitted. A high-performance microprocessor provides all of the requisite functions, thus every Venkon has its own "intelligence" and can be operated in groups by means of Kampmann-t-Lan or CANbus networks.

KaControl Venkon can be fitted with plug-in communications interfaces for single room control or for connection to higher-order management systems. Every basic unit therefore has the potential to be integrated into a technical building automation network.


  • Valve actuation for 2- and 4-pipe systems
  • 3-stage valve control with automatic function according to room temperature
  • Temperature recording via KaController or clip-on temperature sensor
  • 230 V OPEN/CLOSE valve actuation or 24VAC 0-10 V
  • Motor fault evaluation, condensation alarm
  • Changeover function in 2-pipe system (heating/cooling) via an external potential-free contact or a clip-on temperature sensor
  • Connection to open BMS systems by optional interface cards (BACnet, Modbus)

Technical details


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Interseroh Recycling Certificate Размер: 85.2 Кб
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Spezial Hotel Размер: 2.2 Мб
Spezial retail chains Размер: 3.4 Мб
Spezial sports hall Размер: 2.3 Мб
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