Radiant heating for industrial buildings, sports halls and high-ceilinged buildings.
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  • pleasant temperature sensation thanks to thermal radiation, at the same time as saving money
  • minimal air movement, therefore no swirling dust and draughts
  • no risk of fire or explosion
  • maintenance-free operation
  • no space needed on the floor and walls
  • low floor-to-ceiling temperature stratification (approx. 0.2 K/m)
  • good control due to smaller volumes of water
  • possible with integrated LED lighting


  • made of 1.0 mm thick cold-rolled sheet steel with semi-circular grooves for optimum seating of the tubes in the panel
  • 60 - 70% thermal radiation
  • pipes connected using compression fittings or by welding
  • cover plates for joints, manifolds and headers
  • ball-deflecting cover for panels prevents balls becoming caught (e.g. in sports halls)
  • perforated designs for lower noise levels and shorter reverberation time, includes trickle protection


  • partial heating at ground level
    - sports halls and indoor riding arenas, indoor tennis centres
    - showrooms and sales floors, commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses and logistics buildings
    - open spaces, like shopping malls, high-bay warehouses, shipyards and hangars
  • mounting brackets for versatile mounting
  • Dimensions: panel widths 300 - 1500 mm, panel lengths 3 - 70 m, single panels are delivered in 4, 5 or 6-metre long elements


  • the heat outputs have been tested by HLK Stuttgart in accordance with DIN EN 14037, registered by DIN CERTCO and monitored by Keymark certification, registration no. 011-8D003.
  • Galaxis radiant ceiling panels have been tested by the MFPA Leipzig, for ball impact safety, investigation report no. UB 2.1/13-567-1 and -2.
  • powder coated in RAL 9016, other RAL colours available
  • aluminium-coated top with factory-fitted insulation, 40 mm thick
  • Accessories
    - press-on sleeves, cover panel, ball deflector guards
    - mounting sets and regulating valve combinations
    - control accessories

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Galaxis radiant ceiling panels Размер: 5.5 Мб
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