Unit heaters: wall- and ceiling-mounted units. The simple solution.
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Key features

  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money
  • TIP units essentially meet the demand for cost-effective and controllable air handling.
  • Neutral in colour, it is robust and strong
  • Single-row DeWaTIP louvre (wall/ceiling unit) and motor guard are supplied as standard
  • Infinitely adjustable and can be controlled centrally


  • Aerodynamic sickle-blade whisper-quiet cast-aluminium fan with optimised full nozzle
  • The following models of fan are available:
    - 1-stage, 1-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 230 V/50 Hz
    - 2-stage, 3-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 400 V/50 Hz
  • With copper/aluminium heat exchanger, ideal for low temperature systems


  • Production plants, workshops and assembly plants
  • Industrial and commercial work places,
  • Housing with standard wall/ceiling brackets
  • Pure recirculating air units without a wide range of fittings

... also good to know

  • Fast delivery service: All two-stage 3-phase and single-stage 1-phase units in all sizes are available ex-stock.
  • Housing self-supporting, completely made of galvanised steel metal
  • Simple fitting of discharge air-side accessories, such as the two-row louvre and 4-way diffuser

Technical details


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